Continuing Medical Education

A.R.S. § 32-3248.02 requires all healthcare professionals who hold Drug Enforcement Administration certifications to complete a minimum three hours of continuing medical education (“CME”) in an opioid-related, substance-use disorder related, or addiction related course each renewal cycle as part of the annual continuing education requirement for licensure.

This includes any programs recommended by the Arizona Department of Health Services, Arizona Medical Association, the Arizona Board of Pharmacy, the Board of Osteopathic Examiners or the Arizona Medical Board.

A comprehensive course is available for all Arizona prescribers through The University of Arizona Office of Continuing Medical Education.  The course offers six (6) continuing medical education hours in an opioid-related area but only five (5) of the six (6) are relevant.

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Pursuant to A.R.S. § 32-829(A), any licensee who wishes to renew their Arizona podiatry license must present evidence satisfactory to the Board that in the year preceding the application for renewal the licensee attended at least twenty-five (25) hours of Board approved continuing education courses or programs.   

Continuing medical education ("CME")courses must be completed between July 1 and June 30 for each applicable renewal year. The licensee's CME report is incorporated into his/her annual license renewal application.

Types of CME courses that are generally approved include hands-on courses in podiatric assessment, anatomy and physiology, surgical techniques, wound care, billing and coding, practice management, ethics, documentation and charting and courses related to medical areas such as diabetes, pharmacology, geriatrics, disease pathology and physical therapy.

Pursuact to A.R.S. § 32-829(C), licensees may request a waiver of CME by submitting satisfactory proof that they were prevented from attending educational programs because of disability, military service or absence from the continental United States.

A.R.S. §§ 15-1756 and 32-3248.02 impose obligations on all students attending medical programs in state that make them eligible for DEA registration to complete a minimum three hours of opioid related clinical education hours and on all healthcare professionals who hold an active Drug Enforcement Administration certifications to complete a minimum three hours of opioid-related, substance-use disorder related or addiction related continuing medical education (“CME”) as part of any continuing education requirements for renewal. 

The Arizona Board of Podiatry Examiners Partners with CE Broker

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CE Broker is the official CE/CME tracking system of the Arizona State Board of Podiatry Examiners. At this time, it is not required that licensees register for an account, but the Board is encouraging that licensees utilize this tool to assist in the tracking of the required continuing education.  The Board is providing this service to licensees at no cost. 

CE Broker also has a course search available so licensees can find and complete courses needed to be in compliance with the Boards continuing education requirements.


CE BROKER IS 100% FREE TO USE. You will never have to pay for a CE Broker Basic Account. Licensees do have the OPTION to subscribe to an upgraded account, which offers additional CE tracking tools outlined below.

CE Broker Access


  1. Visit
  2. Select the Basic Account option
  3. Enter your license number and get started tracking your continuing education!

If you already have a CE Broker account, follow these simple steps to add your Arizona license.


The CE Broker Course Search helps you find every course you need to complete your license renewal. Any Courses with the “Take it Here” tag will be instantly reported to your account and appear in your Course History.  To find courses, visit and select your profession.


CE Broker provides dedicated support 8AM-8PM ET Monday - Friday with a team of experts trained on the rules and regulations of the Arizona State Board of Podiatry Examiners. You can reach them by phone at 877-434-6323 or via email and live chat.


Visit the CE Broker FAQ directly for detailed information on CE Broker and how to use your free account.

PRO TIP: Bring CE compliance wherever you go with the CE Broker mobile app. Available on iPhone and Android from the App Store or Google Play.

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